BCBG stands for “Black Christian Businesswomen Broup.” I recently read an article on Learnvest.com entitled “Stiletto Networks: These Clubs are Blazing the Business World” and right then I realized that I wanted to create something similar for Christian businesswomen. So I started asking around. Who was interested? I got a very telling response.

Only BLACK Christian businesswomen responded. Talk about niche of niches!

So I further narrowed my vision to cater to the demographic that needed it most.

BCBG is your one-stop shop for intelligent, uplifting business networking and if you are a BCBG, then we’d love to have you!

What Our Mission Is

Our mission is to:

  • Network
  • Learn
  • Inspire
  • Share
  • Support

We believe in doing ALL things in excellence and serving each other and, in turn, the world, with our marketplace gifts.

And although the resources we share may not always be from black women, Christians, or women, the vast majority will be in order to help boost our thrice-shared sisterhood.

Why We Focus on BLACK Christian Businesswomen

As alluded to in the “Finding Your Niche” blogpost, when I initially set out to create this stiletto club, it was meant for all Christian women. Yet when the responses started rolling in, over 80% of the interested parties were black Christian businesswomen.

I realized that my niche had narrowed itself without any prior intention of mine so I knew that I should service this particular need. And being a BCBG myself, I know firsthand the necessity of it.

Some may feel slighted by this action and that is certainly not my intention. Yet I find that when we narrow our niche in business as much as possible, we discover a specific need that needs fixing or a gap that needs filling which means that we will find specific people who will be interested in the services, products, etc. we can provide them.

What We Do

BCBG holds monthly gatherings in the form of tele-seminars also known as conference calls for the easy participation of all ladies involved. This easy tele-seminar method makes our gatherings easily accessible to women across the nation, spanning various time zones without the necessity of getting dolled up, doing face-time, or spending gas money.

Each gathering will host a different topic and at the end, we’ll open up the lines for Q&A.

There will also be a weekly newsletter sent out which consists of great information, resources, event announcements, and more!

We also have Facebook and LinkedIn group forums that are accessible 24/7!

About the Founder

Me_Sepia1My name is Desiree M. Mondesir and I am an entrepreneuress, authoress, and idea guru. Since 2010, I’ve run Desired Assistance which is my virtual writing and editing company. I host the quarterly Release the Captive Voice Introductory Tele-Seminar and Online Course which is a 10-week holistic class that coaches the participants in overcoming their fears and walking in their God-given purpose. I also host the monthly Captive No More Authors Tele-seminar which hosts a different published author or publishing executive who shares their expertise and experience with the listeners.

As a writer, I am also the author of Godly Government, Faith and the Imagination, How to Write Fiction that Doesn’t Suck, and most recently, The Final Hour. I maintains three blogs: DesireeMMondesir.com, daweddings.wordpress.com, and fastingforfoodies.wordpress.com (co-authored with Jessica Baker). I also pen the Godly Government Column for Gospel Today Magazine and host the Godly Government Facebook Chat every Tuesday night at 8pm, EST.

I’ve got big dreams and do my best to not only chase, but execute them each day!


To learn more about BCBG, please feel free to email me today

For More Christian Women Entrepreneurial Networking, Click the Image Below!



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