Finding Your Niche (The Birth of BCBG)

5-black-business-women-under-30When I first considered creating and launching BCBG, I did not set out to be as specific in my niche as I now am.

I’d read a great LearnVest article on stiletto clubs and decided that I wanted to create one for Christian businesswomen. I thought that would be specific enough. So I started inquiring.

I utilized LinkedIn and Facebook to message all the Christian businesswomen I could to see who would be interested in such a group and then I made an interesting discovery: the vast majority of the women who responded were black. In fact, over 80%!

It would seem that without even trying, my niche carved its own self out and I knew what I had to do.

At the risk of offending and excluding the lovely non-black women who were interested in this new venture, I new I had to forge ahead with my new specialized demographic: black Christian businesswomen. Hence the name: Black Christian Businesswomen Group a.k.a BCBG and who doesn’t love some BCBGs??

You ladies can also learn from this lesson. Specialize, specialize, specialize!! Carve out that niche and let the data speak for itself! Find the need and meet it!

The only way you will succeed in business is by finding a specific need and meeting it.

So now here we are, specialized, engines raring, and ready to go! Will you take the journey with me as I launch BCBG??

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