Paul Carrick Brunson’s Tips for Choosing Your Mentor

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Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in my first #MentorMonday hosted by none other than Mr. Paul Carrick Brunson! It was a power-packed hour of wisdom, fun, and interaction with other like-minded individuals. If you missed it, you can watch the Spreecast playback here.

In this #MentorMonday session, I was able to come on screen and meet my new friend Paul and ask him my question! This was my [paraphrased] query.

I had an individual that I do NOT know approach me on Facebook to mentor me. He had me sign up for an appointment which—unbeknownst to me—turned into a coaching session. This is VERY awkward. How do I deal with this??

After sharing some laughs about this individual being kinda creepy Paul went ahead to share some tips on how to actually select a mentor. Here they are!

3 Tips for Choosing a Mentor:

1) Choose a Mentor Whose Values Align with Yours.

This is personally my number one. Mentors I subscribe to share my values and spiritual beliefs. I find it difficult to connect fully with individuals whose spiritual values differ from mine.

This is also a tip that can go across the board for selecting friends, love interests, etc.

Can two walk together unless they are agreed? (Amos 3:3)

Think about it: if prayer and faith make up your belief system, then can you truthfully select a mentor who’s willing to cut corners and cheat to “succeed” in business and life? I think not.

2) Choose a Mentor Who Walks the Walk.

If you’re like me, then you’ve been approached by many who CLAIM to be “experts” in their fields. Now I believe just like the next person in constructive embellishment. However, there is a distinct difference between embellishing and lying. And honestly, you don’t want a mentor who needs to embellish: they are what they are and their fruit (i.e. clients, financial revenue, proven wisdom, etc.) reflects that.

Choose the mentor that practices what they preach. Period.

3) Choose a Mentor Who is Accessible.

Paul gave an excellent example of accessibility. If President Barack Obama offers to mentor me, that’s a lovely thought on his part, but it’s not realistic. When would the POTUS and most influential individual in the world have time to mentor anyone?? That’s a very lovely pipe-dream. Maybe we could talk when his term is up?

Choose a mentor who is readily available to you: they actually respond to your emails, they call you back, they make time for you. As wise and helpful as the person may be, if they don’t have time for you—or won’t make time for you—then they are not the right mentor for you.

BONUS TIP: You select your mentor, not the other way around.

If an individual approaches you (especially the way I was approached), that person more often than not, has an agenda not conducive to your destiny.

Only you can select your mentor because you know what you are looking for. If you follow these criteria and pray about it, then you are sure to meet the right mentors for your life!

Starting searching for the right mentor today!

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